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August 28, 2019 | Purple Heart Wines

William Vanstory

My name is SSG William Vanstory. I joined the military in 2009 and did a deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 and did a deployment to Egypt in 2014. I was with 4th brigade 10th mountain division 2-4 infantry. In December 2010, I stepped on a dismounted IED before crossing a foot bridge to head back to our COP. I was thrown over 10 feet backwards and knocked out from the explosion. I came to and was strapped to a litter. I had a few cuts and lacerations but luckily the IED was buried too deep to gravely wound me. I received my first Purple Heart during this encounter. Continue »

Purple Heart Wines
August 27, 2019 | Purple Heart Wines

Daniel Prigge

My name is Daniel Prigge, I served a little over 10 years in the US Army. I was wounded on May 03, 2011. My vehicle was struck by three EFP roadside bombs. My convoy was hit with a total of five EFP’s and one EFP that did not go off. My truck was also hit by an RPG and small arms fire during the ambush. Continue »

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February 8, 2016 | Purple Heart Wines

On Being Wounded

I was born and raised in the mill town atmosphere of Pittsburgh, Penn., where you did not necessarily need higher education. You could marry and raise a family on good union wages. Having a year with the Rockwell bumper plant, and aware of the draft, my smartest move … Continue »

Purple Heart Wines
February 8, 2016 | Purple Heart Wines

Addressing the Needs of Our Women Warriors

Women have been serving in the Armed Forces for centuries. Currently women make up 15.7 percent of the Army. They serve as combat medics, truck drivers, artillery mechanics, tank system maintainers, weapons system crewmembers, military police and pilots. Continue »

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